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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  September 6, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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. such a sad day for the city. the man who brought football back to baltimore has died. art the former owner of the ravens died early this morning at the age of 87. jamie takes a look back. >> reporter: he gave us what we wanted. >> i said in five-years we
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will be an elite team. >> reporter: we became his family. > ladies and gentlemen, the ravens. >> reporter: when he named the team 17 years ago, a love affair was born. football was back in the town. nobody knew art better than tom. >> my thought was probably the key owner of all the nfl for what he did to football. >> reporter: he loved this game. it's ironic the man credited with starting monday nights football would have his team starting this monday night. >> he was such a great contributor to what the nfl is today it's unbelievable. we had a very special relationship and the guy was so special and why he isn't in the hall of fame is sinful. >> reporter: the browns and the player who paid still love the
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man to this day. >> art has been a friend of mine. he has come to my rescue. >> reporter: he would sell his share in the ravens, hand picking steve to take over ownership. >> he is a good mine. i think people will like him. he is an honest man. he is a moral man. he will be all right. >> reporter: he would keep an office at capitol for art. we would last see him in that while golf cart for practice just a few saturdays ago. >> i broke down. this guy, i love him. >> reporter: art -- the man who gave us what we wanted. a man who gave this city spirit and buildings and raised money to fund charities. we can always look up because art will always belowing us a kiss. thank you art for giving us what we wanted. your friendship. >> reporter: some of the friends mourning art today are
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members of the ravens marching band. they are a handful of teams and that's all because of art. he was a member ofthe old baltimore colts band which continued to march until art brought football back to baltimore. >> he came to baltimore he adopted a baltimore colts marching band and made us in to the marching ravens to show his support in the community. he was very devoted to the band and also what we stood for. >> i'm very sad by that. i'm aware. >> reporter: the band stayed together from 1984 until the ravens came to baltimore in 1996. adopting the band was a nod on his part to the city's football history. >> all right. sad day kelley. the weather front we have had some improvement here over the last few hours. it'll still be muggy, damping
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downtown. camden yards, the statue dedication. it'll stay humid. i think generally rain free and dry air punched into western maryland toward oakland and deep creek. clearing situation for the skies tomorrow. we will see a little more sun and a hotter day. the rest of the evening stay muggy, nothing more than stray shower. >> thank you. you can get your forecast on the road. just head to abc slash weather to learn how to down load the weather app to your smart phone and get the storm shield app on the i-phone and the android. >> this is a strange story. in los angeles, the police and fbi are investigating a bank robbery that was so strange it could have been a movie plot. tj tells us tonight the robbers [inaudible]. >> reporter: a manhunt
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continues on the west coast for two gun men who reportedly kidnapped a bank manager and put a bomb on her before telling her to rob her own bank. >> significant amount of money was taken. >> reporter: the nightmare allegedly started around 8 wednesday morning the two men approached her outside her home as she was leaving for work. she told police the men allegedly armed with guns and wearing see masks ordered her to strap a device on and drive to the bank of america. police say she did as she was told, first opening the vault. >> she took the money out of the bank and threw it out the door. >> reporter: the robber who never set foot inside the building made their escape before cops and the bomb squad arrived on the scene. >> that's a very rare thing to actually remove a device directly from a person but it's something that the bomb squad, investigators trained for. >> reporter: a bomb squad robot detonated the device that was a very convincing fake.
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now some believe it might have been an inside job, that the manager may have been involved. >> if she doesn't have a piece of this, then you have some guy who do have inside information. how did they know she was the branch manager? >> reporter: it was found the bomb was a fake the block was shut down and businesses were evacuated as a precaution. abc news new york. >> coming up a girl mostly unhurt escaped after being trapped underneath a bus. it's amazing. how the rescue crews were able to free the girl from underneath the vehicle. and a woman breaks in to a -- atg station to -- and -- a tv station and refuses to leave. anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in maryland.
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. the -- a close call for a young girl when barely escape aid deadly bus accident. she was trapped underneath the front of a bus. only her head and chest are visible. the bus lost control when it dodged an oncoming car and hit a roadside garden.
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the girl had been riding a bike. firefighters were able to dig her out from under. she is lucky. she had no serious injuries. a florida teen that been arrested after posing as a fake cop. this is wal-mart surveillance video. the 17-year-old has a badge from his pocket and a gun on his hip. it's a pellet gun but looks real. his friends shoplifted trading cards and the 17-year-old said he was a police officer and arrested his friends. thehe manager didn't buy it and called the real police. a tv station in texas may want to consider upgrading its security. a woman broke into the station and refused to leave. authorities say she pulled the fire alarm at a restaurant before the break-in. you can see her stretched out on the floor of the studio. police are taking her right now. police got her out. the fire alarm forced them to
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. in tonight's consume ear heart we all shop for groceries and most of us are always seeking ways to savor time and money. karen looks at some tool that may be able to help. >> reporter: a trip to the grocery store can be risky for the wallets and waist lines of people. lots of temptations, all of them with a price tag. to keep lists and opportunities to save cash in hand throughout a shopping trip, shop smart magazine recommends a smart phone app like push pin which lets the family sync up a shopping list and scan an item
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to find coupons. they also recommend the grocery iq app. there is also a function to search for coupons and sync the list, to spot savings. keep low tech tips in mind. a list whether on a phone or a piece of paper can help people avoid the many distractions that cost money and calories. coupons are great but some of the most common popular discounts are for items that could hurt your diet like cookies, smacks and preprocessed food so use them in moderation. abc 2news. >> now, maryland's most accurate forecast. >> a look at the radar and most of the rain that we have had today, the higher totals have been on the lower eastern shore. that's the flooding conditions at ocean city. now it's moving off shore. in the meantime back across the
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baltimore area, all eyes on camden yards, the yankees come in. we dedicate the statue and looks like conditions will hold up well weather wise. it'll be dam many from the rain we had earlier in the city but in terms of new rain, even a few isolated showers. they have fizzled out. that is very good news for fans downtown. annapolis today was a cloudy weather situation which not much sun until late in the day. there were showers, on and off across the area. no question about that statewide. there are some little late day clearing. in ocean city one of the last places to clear, now we are seeing blue skies, breakthrough at the beach here to end the day. take a look at the rainfall totals across the central part of the state. about a tenth of an inch, annapolis just under a tenth of an inch. federals bug getting nearly six tenths of an inch, more than a
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half inch there and totals higher toward the beaches, look at some of the temperatures, low 80s and upper 70's but with the humidity it does feel warmer and overall we continue to look for a mucky situation for the game tonight. current conditions now at pwi, 80 degrees, humidity at 76%, light southeast breeze but not much of one and the big story has been that high humidity level along with showers, keeping it just feeling damp outside. very damp conditions, the dew points surging above 70, the humidity holding tom. it's up toward pittsburgh and ohio. we are optimistic we will get the dryer conditions as we go in to the weekend and early next week. there is that mass of rain. most of it on -- in southern maryland but some of showers clipping baltimore. as we look at the trend we look for the chance for more showers, into the briefly in to the afternoon tomorrow but i
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think the main chance for rain from here forward is going to come saturday late in the day. moisture off the coast. a boundary in off the east. squeeze play n could be quite a bit of rain here late saturday. if you have tickets to saturday night's orioles, yankees game, be advised there could be rain. this is what's left of isaac. a 40% chance of it redeveloping in to a named storm, and double hurricanes right now, powerful category two with a bell defined eye. that's michael and in addition to michael we still have leslie, leslie as a category one hurricane not threatening bermuda as much as it was this tippled. 67 tonight. humid, late fog. early morning, fog a possibility, again with all the moisture in the air, sunny and hot in the afternoon. as we look to the weekend, dry friday, a dry start saturday but a chance 20th big storms on saturday night. lingering in to early sunday.
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sunday afternoon, orioles looks good and then as we go into ravens game damon, outstanding, a lot of all day tailgaters, we know this on monday and right now it looks like that first taste of fall, dryer, cooler, right in time for the first football game. the real -- the game for the ravens. fall weather,. >> sounds great. thank you. now to the campaign. the democratic national convention concludes later tonight when the president takes his party's nomination. troy joins us now live from the site of the convention in charlottes. a little pressure on the president tonight. >> reporter: a lot of pressure especially after the two speeches which happened in prime time. the last two nights but the president is talking about what he thinks about the convention so far. he did this conference call and said some of the speeches including his wife's have been
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unbelievable. now it's his turn. tonight the president will thank his biggest supporters. >> he knows the american dream because he has lived it. >> our president took action and now we have seen 4.5 million new jobs. are we better off than we were when he took office? >> reporter: and respond to his biggest critics. >> our problem is that he is a bad president. what did people get out of the stimulus? more debt. >> this president cannot tell us that you are better off today than what he took office. >> reporter: two months from election day this race is a dead heat. the latest poll has the president at 47%. romney at 46. tonight the president will focus on a theme we have heard all week. everybody pitching in their fair share with a focus on the middle class and fixing unemployment. >> on thursday night i will offer when i believe is a
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better path forward. a path that will create good jobs and strengthen the middle class. >> reporter: we are getting a little bit of insight on what to expect from that speech from senior officials. not as much as other speeches as far as what we have heard. the president will reveal what he has to say later on tonight though we know that he said he wants to address more than just delegates and supporters in the convention hall. he wants to talk to all americans. >> all right. thank you for that live report. coming up, all new at six, we will have more in the passing of art. what one of the ravens most feared player has to say about the man who brought him to baltimore. ray louis. and you know he may be the iron man but tonight we are getting a first look at cal ripkin junior's statue. those and more at six. first a preview of what's
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ahead. >> her speech wowed the convention. now it's his night and just hours before her husband takes center stage michelle obama talks to diane sawyer tonight. we believe small things can make a big difference. like how a little oil from here can be such a big thing in an old friend's life. we discovered that by blending enhanced botanical oils into our food, we can help brighten an old dog's mind so he's up to his old tricks. it's just one way purina one is making the world a better place... one pet at a time. discover vibrant maturity and more at
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. all right a good day on wall street. the dow hit it's highest mark since december 27 up almost 245 points. the nasdaq above 66 and the s&p500 up 28. good numbers. the heat is on. phone makers rushing to get the latest items out ahead of
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apple's big event. two companies reveal smart phones but the question remains how will they match up against the i-phone? allison has more tonight. >> reporter: it's a big week for products roll outs. new smart phones on wednesday with a chance for the companies to put them in the spotlight before the apple event next week when we expect the new i- phone five. motoro la showed off three different droid as and and they touted how they stack up against the i-phone 4s saying they will be faster and have larger screens than the i- phone. however that may be out of date if the new i-phone comes out next week. nokia also came out ahead, they revealed two smart phones but they didn't get the feedback it
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hoped for. people complained that they didn't say who the carrier would be and gave in price or specific launch date. they plan to sell them later this year. motoro la also short on details just saying one of them will be available next week but gave no details on the other wolf next week it's apple's turn and then shopper also s will get to decide who is the winner. >> amazon held an event to reveal their new kindle fire. they are updating them in hopes of competing the i-pad. its been chip away at appleby offering cheaper tablets. a lot of speculation, apple could release an i-pad mini next month in a similar price point as the kindle fire. we have some of the best hospitals in the world. we will tell you what local
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researchers are doing to help women fighting cancer thousands of miles away. that's coming up at six which starts right now. . charm city in morning after the loss of art. he reaction from the ravens family and beyond. >> art was about more than just football. coming up the charityible foot print that he left on this community. >> we brought you two stories on last night's newscast and now learned they are connected. what appear officer first, art, the man who brought football back to baltimore has passed away at the age of 87. we have been talking about his life and legacy all day. as
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